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Scar's Reign: Chapter 1: Page 4 :iconalbinoraven666fanart:albinoraven666fanart 273 85 Hockey game! :iconcassy-f-e:Cassy-F-E 73 2 Apprentice Illusion Magician :iconsilverunu:silverunu 23 3 HUMAN STUFF #14 :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 141 13
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Titan!ErenxReader Massive Affection -Sequel- :iconsallade:Sallade 213 82
ErenxReader Loving Hanji's Sister?
--Key(if you didn't know!):
_____: your name!
(e/c): eye color
(h/c): Hair color
Enjoy this story!!-- 
(A/N: YO! In this story you are Hanji's Little sister~! Bai!)
~Eren's POV~ 
______ Zoe... Wow... Just wow. She's kinda like Hanj... but just different. She seems to fantasize that I can turn into a titan...But for some reason I'm falling for her... 
We we're sitting in the mess hall eating dinner. I was sitting next to Corporal Levi, his face with no emotion as always. Next to him was the Commander. In front of me was Hanji, who was going on and on about something. And next to her was her little sister. _____. She was listening to her big sister talk. Soon I was hit in the back of my head, I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the person who hit me. It was the Corporal of course. "Y-Yes Sir?" I was kinda frighten by him. He sighed and pointed to Hanji, who was looking at me, up close. "Eren I want to test more on you!! Please let me!! I need to see what else
:iconsebastianlittlequeen:sebastianlittlequeen 82 30
ErenxReader [Approval]
Eren had a problem, it wasn't serious but it was a problem that was bugging him, was it training? Was it Jean Kirschtein? No, it wasn't none of those at all.
The problem he had was with you.
He didn't hate you, not at all, it was the opposite to be precise, he could never hate you, not at all.
“You're staring again.” Mikasa commented, snapping the brunette out of his trance.
“What?” Eren mumbled.
“You were staring at _____ again.”
He blushed and looked away, he hated that she pointed out what he did.
“Why don't you just confess.”
'Easier said than done.' He thought.
He wanted to, he just wanted to have a few minutes alone with you and confess he loves you...But there was one small problem...
You were just no cadet, you happened to be related to Lance Corporal Levi of all people, yes, you were humanity's strongest's little sister, his sibling and damn was he protective of you. Eren shuddered, he remembered Jean flirting with you and
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The Purest Temple Page 109 :iconkuzai:Kuzai 93 98 puzzleshipping :iconsilverunu:silverunu 29 3 yugioh :iconsilverunu:silverunu 20 1 puzzleshipping :iconsilverunu:silverunu 21 2 The Purest Temple Page 108 :iconkuzai:Kuzai 93 75 Viktor and Vitaliy :iconcassy-f-e:Cassy-F-E 98 13 Yuri on Ice: Makkachin Sticker :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 387 20 just the two of us :iconjuledrops:Juledrops 20 3
Everyone is changing.. people I follow are not into their ships any more and have not Ben making new MMD comics of Puzzleshipping and not drawing new comics of them and my most favorite Bennefrost shipper is losing her interest also and they all made my day brighten up and I had a bad day at work or at hom, I could escape reality and go into their fantasies of the ships we both love, it's not bad to change but you should still hold onto your OTPS because that is what makes people happy and wanting more and that is how most people here get famous and popular. It's when they make other people's OTPS cute, make up comics, draw them for other DA members who love their art. I should just delete DA since the DA I once knew is no more and it's all different and everyone is growing up and forgetting the things they love. My favorite artists on here won't continue their fantastic art of my OTPS so why continue to stay here... 😢


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Wolf Frost
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I love yaoi, drawing and writing fanfiction. Love to RP to so if you want to just message me I will tell you all the yaoi couples I ship and will RP.


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